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Creating a better life for you and your dog

Dr. Rhonda Hamerslough -owner/trainer 

Think Pawsitively Dog Behavior, Training, & Consulting

  • Low-Stress Handling 

  • Cooperative care

  • Canine CPR & first aid

  • Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer(CPDT-KA) 

  • Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP) 

  • Fear Free Certified

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 Need a roadmap to a better behaved dog?  Check out my
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My specialty: While I offer many training options I specialize in puppies and adolescent over-arousal/reactivity behaviors through Homeschool Training (AKA Day Training) as well as fearful dogs/   Life is busy, I get it - that’s what I’m here for. Let me do the heavy lifting for you and get your dog well on the path to training success. Homeschool is like an EASY BUTTON.  It is convenient, it allows for customized solutions to your busy life, you reach your goals faster and your dog gets comprehensive training from a professional. 


I understand that every person and pet is different, there is no one size fits all. If you don’t see what you are looking for on the services page, no worries - book a consultation where I can customize a training program that adapts to your dog's specific needs and your training goals.

There is no better time to create a stress-free, harmonious relationship with your beloved dog.


Are you frustrated with your dog's behavior?


Are you embarrassed when you go for a walk or when people come over?

Are you constantly apologizing for your dog’s behavior?

Is your dog fearful or lunging at other dogs?

Do you feel stuck and don’t know where to turn for help?

Relief is just around the corner!

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Feeding treats


Imagine a world where you could take your dog anywhere. Where your puppy has manners and knows where to potty. 


Imagine peaceful walks with a calm, focused dog.  Imagine a world where you are proud of your dog’s behavior and where people comment on how well-behaved your dog is.


With Think Pawsitively, your WHAT IF can turn into REALITY!

You and your dog will learn everything you need to have a fun, polite, harmonious relationship.

Why me?

Hi, if you don’t know me yet my name is Rhonda and I am a certified professional dog trainer.


My mission is to help you learn how to understand your pet's behavior so you both have a happier, stress-free relationship. With a long history in education & psychology, I take a unique approach to training.  I avoid focusing on your pets' mistakes and punishing them for their wrong choices. This leaves a dog puzzled and stressed as to what the correct behavior is that you want - that’s no fun for you or your pet. 

With my constructionist approach, your training will be easier, you will get positive results, and you will build a trusting relationship with your pet. This approach to training creates a pet who has fun and is enthusiastic about the training process.  

My approach to training produces happy learners!!


I can't wait to help you reach your pet’s maximum potential and happiness in life.

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Adding distractions makes it hard to focus.  Digger says _I CAN DO IT!_

Adding distractions makes it hard to focus.  Digger says "I CAN DO IT!"


All good training sessions must end with a hug.  Rey loves hugs almost as much as her ball.

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There is no better time to create a stress-free, harmonious relationship with your beloved pet. 

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