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Fear and Anxiety


Does your dog shake, pace, whine, cower or hide?


Does your dog exhibit signs of fear reactivity like growling and moving forward defensively?


Does your dog’s fear stress you out?




Your dog’s fearful response to something can feel irrational and is sometimes difficult to understand but remember it’s REAL to them.  If we could only explain that the scary ‘thing’ won’t hurt them.


There are many reasons that dogs experience fear, anxiety, and stress.  Lack of socialization, genetics, perinatal care, and a fearful event can contribute to your dog’s ability to navigate the world comfortably.  


There is a common approach that fails to help fearful dogs - it is a belief that if we provide full exposure of the scary thing through coercion or force, the fearful dog will just get used to it. Could you just get used to snakes if they terrified you?  Would putting you in a room with 100 of them help you get over your fear?  It doesn’t work that way for dogs either.

What about using a shock collar?  There is a common misconception that this can help a fearful dog, however, science tells us this can make the fear, anxiety, and stress even worse!  PLEASE DON’T SHOCK THE FEAR!


Treating fear, anxiety, and stress takes time and a very specific behavior modification plan to help your dog feel safe, and confident, and build new behavior patterns. Through best practices, cooperative care, and a fear-free training plan, I can help your dog form positive associations and dramatically improve you and your dog’s quality of life.

Can’t find time to train your dog?  Not sure where to start? Don’t know how to deal with your dog’s fear? If you answered yes, the Homeschool Program is perfect for you.  Let me do the heavy lifting, which means better results in less time so you and your dog can enjoy life’s adventures together. Your dog will learn critical behavioral modification skills that specifically address your dog’s fear.  Click the link below to learn more about this program.

For dogs 6 months and older

Do you want to geek out on learning about training?  Do you have the time to be actively involved on a daily basis with your dog’s training? Do you want to do the heavy lifting training around your dog’s fear?  If you answered yes, then One-On-One coaching is the right choice for you. I will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed at training your dog at home and out in the real world. With coaching you do the heavy lifting but I support you through the entire process so you and your dog can be successful and enjoy life’s adventures together. Click the link below to learn more about this program.

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