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For beginning puppies 8-24 weeks of age


Can’t find time to train your puppy?  Not sure where to start? Don’t have time to socialize your puppy? This program is perfect for you.  Let me do the heavy lifting, which means better results in less time so you and your puppy can enjoy life’s adventures together. Your puppy will learn foundational life skills and critical socialization for a well-balanced, happy, healthy life.



  • 8 weeks - 20 sessions

  • 2 clickers

  • 2 treat pouches

  •  8 weeks of training

    • l train your puppy for 3 days with one day being a socialization field trip.

    • On the 4th day we have a ‘transfer session’.  This is where we work together and I transfer the skills to you that your puppy has reliably learned.  You will continue to reinforce those skills as I start the second week of training.  The weeks then repeat for a total of 4 weeks. 

  • 45-60 minute sessions. 

  • Each day that I train I will send you a video of your puppy’s training and adventures. We will review these videos as needed at our transfer session for body language, mechanics of training and responses that your dog has to the learning process. 

  • I provide supplemental videos and handout materials, as needed, to support your learning. 


​​The 4-weeks of Dot It For You Training culminates with the last transfer session. However, we are not done.  Your puppy is rapidly growing and changing and relies on you, and actually needs you for his/her continued success.  At this point we have two more coaching sessions where we continue to build, troubleshoot, generalize, and proof behaviors.  This happens over a 1-month period and includes:

  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions approximately two weeks apart starting after the last transfer session. 

  • 2 virtual sessions - In between the coaching sessions we will meet for a 30-min. virtual check-in session where we troubleshoot behavioral issues and add new training skills when appropriate.  


As your puppy becomes an adolescent everything changes.  Their needs, brains, and bodies are changing, therefore training focus will change.  At our last session we will discuss further training and continuing your puppy’s success through the adolescent months.  


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