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For beginning puppies 8-24 weeks of age


Do you want to geek out on learning all things puppy development and training?  Do you have the time to be actively involved on a daily basis with your puppy’s training?  If you answered yes, then one-on-one coaching is the right choice for you. I will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed at training your puppy at home and out in the real world. With coaching, you do the heavy lifting but I support you through the entire process so you and your puppy can be successful and enjoy life’s adventures together. 


  • Clicker(s)

  • Treat pouch

  • 90-120 minute consultation - the first step toward learning all things puppy.

  • 45-60-minute coaching session - once to twice per week

  • 5 to 21 sessions based on goals, puppies age, and baseline skill of your puppy

  • Session videos     

  • Handouts, videos and reading to support your learning

  • Email, messaging, and phone support   

  • Weekly short videos based on the skills you are training with your puppy. 



As your puppy becomes an adolescent everything changes.  The behaviors, needs, brains, and bodies are changing, therefore training focus will change.  At our last session, we will discuss further training and continuing your puppy’s success through the adolescent months.  

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